Tyrians Chapter # 12
Chartered in 2014
Home lodge, Plum creek lodge # 799

Our founding members came mostly from the Lions Grip chapter in the Butler area, they decided they could be more active if they had a chapter closer to home. They formed the Tyrians chapter, located in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, and call Plum Creek Lodge #799 in Plum, PA our home.

We currently have 34 active members and 7 retired members on or roster. We have 11 Past Masters a sitting Secretary, a Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and a brother who earned a Master Builder last year.  

Our members are from all over Pittsburgh area, from Bethel Park and Elwood City, to Champion.  While the majority of our members are from areas to the east of the city, that wasn’t the case a few years ago.  As the Tyrians grew from the ranks of the Lions Grip, the Wardens Chapter in Washington PA. evolved from the Tyrians. 

Most of our monthly meetings are held the third Sunday of the month at the Plum Creek lodge. Unless we incorporate the meeting with a ride, then we conduct our business on the road (and by “on the road” we usually mean at breakfast before we ride). 

The Tyrians participate in as many local activities and fundraisers as we can fit in. Our signature event is our yearly purse bash. We pack a hall full of Ladies, feed them a catered hot meal, and provide plenty of adult beverages. Then the fun begins, with 3 hours of Designer Purses, draws every 15 min. and walk arounds, and Chinese auctions. Good times are had by all. The success of our purse bashes has allowed us to support some very worthy causes over the years. We hope to be able to continue this for as long as we can, it’s a lot of work and a lot of fun.

This year will be our second opportunity to host the Grand Master’s Ride. We will again be conducting a Police escorted ride over and thru all the bridges and tunnels of the city of Pittsburgh. If you have never seen the city by motorcycle, I highly recommend doing it hundreds of riders deep, and non-stop. With an after party back at the Shrine, featuring 3 local bands with Molly Hatchet as the headliner.

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Elected Chapter Officers:

President: Tom “Huddy” Hudepohl
Vice President: Dan “Flatz” McAdoo, PM
Secretary: Edward “Tucky” Guzikowski
Treasurer: Mark “Chef” Hinebaugh

Appointed Officers:

Sgt at Arms: Stan “Stush” Pokusa
Road Captain: John “Big John” Hanyo
Guardian of Membership: Tom “Sarge” Schwader, PM

Chapter Contacts

Dan “Flatz” McAdoo, PM
Vice President, Tyrian’s

Chapter Officers

Tom ‘Hudy’ Hudepohl


Dan “Flatz” McAdoo, PM

Vice President

Edward "Tucky" Guzikowski


Mark “Chef” Hinebaugh


Tyrians’ Appointed Officers

Stan “Stush” Pokusa

Sargent of Arms

John “Big John” Hanyo

Road Captain

Tom “Sarge” Schwader, PM

Guardian of Membership