State Presidents Council

Elected State Officers

“We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with others opposing convictions or competitive ideas and yet respect each other as Brothers.” ~ Brother Albert Pike


State President

Hazzard is the current State President; current Secretary of the Vulcans Forge chapter; former State President; and past president of the Vulcans Forge chapter. Hazzard takes part in many other roles within the Widow Sons of PA including active roles in the website development and Branding Teams.


State Vice President

Rocky is the current State Vice President and current President of the Mystic Riders chapter.

Jim "Grizz" Ryan

State Secretary

Grizz is the current State Secretary; current President of the Sons of Abiff chapter of which he is a founding member.


State Treasurer

President of the Vulcan's Forge Chapter.

Appointed Officers:

Sergent at Arms: Shawn “RAB” Padgett
Guardian of Membership: Thomas “Hudy” Hudepohl
Information Officer/Webmaster: Carl “Doughboy” Calder
Chaplain: Wanye “Outlaw” Hunter
Parliamentarian: Jordan “Rabbi” Frei

Bylaws Committee:
Charles “Critter” Heemer
Ed Ferris
Scott “Hagrid” Helm

Robert “Levi” Gildea
Denis “Fury” Moyer
Dave “Warrior” Rote

Don Lynn
Raymond “Zeke” Zekir