Celestial Riders

John "Penrod" Penrod

Lions Grip

Robert "Bimbo" McMahon

Lions Grip

Ralph "Rex" Desiano

Mystic Riders

Barry Cameron

Mystic Riders

David "Claw" Clawson

Mystic Riders

Robert "Roadgear" Mitchel

Mystic Riders

Noel "Conan" Wenrich

Raised & Squared

Larry "Mouse" Howse

Sons of Abiff

David McFadden

Lions Grip

Fredrick Lee "Freddy" Hanyo


Paul "Pauly" Petroff


Joel Klienguenther

Vulcan Forge
Grand Chapter Founding Member

Walt Kollar

Vulcans Forge Founding Member

Bill "Mr. Bill" Rickabaugh

Faithful Defenders

Wade Santa

Faithful Defenders

Mark Matheny

Vulcans Forge

Steve "Slinky" Goff

Marked & Hewn

Mark "Crash" McCleaf

Marked & Hewn

Donald "Jarhead" Swan

Marked & Hewn

Larry Bright


Alan Goldman

Brazen Serpent

Larry "Stray Dog" McFall

Sons of Hiram

Richard ‘Butch’ Pursell

Brothers of the Trowel

Widows Sons Ladies

The following are Widows Sons Ladies that departed sooner than they should have.

Marcella Fairman

Mother of Stan Pokusa

Bonnie "Mama Dukes" Ryan

Wife of Jim ‘Grizz’ Ryan
Mother of Michael ‘Irish’ Ryan
Sons of Abiff Chapter

Joyce "Honey Duck" Drake

Wife of Horace Drake
Faithful Defenders

Toni James

Mother of David James
Faithful Defenders